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Carlton Entertainments has an extensive creative team who are responsible for some of the UKs biggest touring theatre shows.

Our in house engineers and specialists work with artists to design, create, produce and manage productions to the highest standard.  Our lighting and staging designers bring visions to life. We are proud to be sponsored by Showmagic programming software and  our engineers currently use their AV versions to program and synchronize our audio, lighting and video. Video editing is done within our studios and our shows have fully programmed video projection. 





Carlton Entertainment have established strong working relationships with many of the UKs most reputable and major theatres in the UK . Our excellent reputation and robust knowledge of the venues allows us to book the correct venue for each show ensuring the best of programming, audiences and our artists.  We are able to secure good rates and fair ticket deals for touring companies.


Carlton Entertainment has their own fully equipped state of the art studio.  We are able to produce all of your audio requirements - backing tracks and click tracks alongside recording of your very own CD.

We also specialise in composing and recording intros, voiceovers and interludes for touring shows and writing and recording music for original artists.  Our studio recordings feature 'live' instrumentation.

We have extensive concerts sound rigs for our touring shows and we can be hired to do sound for any size event.


After living in Spain for 7 years and owning property in the Costa Blanca area, we have excellent networks and working relationships with many of the live bars and venues in the area. Annually we select a number of elite artists from the UK to come to Spain to represent our company, performing short tours around the region. 


We have our own dynamic design team who strive to create exciting publicity material, advertising and artwork for all of our shows, We work with artists to create initial branding  including logos, posters and video showreels through to printed flyers, websites, and program design for tours.  Our design team will also design, print and manage through an online shop, merchandise for your event or tour. 


Carlton Entertainment run a centre for music and the arts, East Midlands performing Arts Academy. A music and dance school with  fully qualified teachers, accreditation and approval with Rockschool, Pearson and BTDA. Students can attend our studios or have online lessons in a wide range of instruments and dance genres. You may also hire our services for choreography of your show or for dancers to perform alongside you to bring your show to the next level. 

Interested in any of our services  -  Let's Talk.​
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